FAQs Callido Caliber – an online skills assessment program.


The assessment can be taken for a maximum of 60 minutes although most students finish it well within 45-50 minutes.

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Critical Thinking &
Problem Solving
Research and Information
  1. Ability to define a problem
  2. Interpretation & evaluation of evidence
  3. Awareness of context and assumptions
  4. Drawing accurate conclusions
  5. Identification of strategies for problem-solving
  6. Evaluation of  strategies for problem-solving
  1. Determining the extent of information required
  2. Evaluate information and its sources critically
  3. Use information appropriately/Synthesizing information from different sources
  4. Ethical use of information
  1. Organization of thoughts and ideas
  2. Awareness of context and purpose
  3. Choice of language

The test comprises a complex setup where every question tests more than one sub-skill. A total number of 40 questions are asked wherein each sub-skill is tested at least 4 times.

No, the assessment is completely content-agnostic and is based on students’ abilities only. It presumes a good level of English reading ability.

It is completely online and is digitally scored. You will only need a stable internet connection along with a device that has a screen size of 10” or larger.

Of course! Please drop us a line and we will get back to you shortly.

The assessment includes:

  • 1 test for USD 10
  • Report per grade with benchmark data for each test cycle
  • 1 Individual report per student per test cycle
  • Complimentary consultation on reading the data  and suggested strategies for skill development
  • All data in .xls for the school to import into any ERP or Student Information System

All for the price of USD 10 per student per test with a minimum purchase of 50 licenses