FAQs Callido Global Perspectives-blended learning program for critical thinking skills

Global Perspective

Broadly, we adhere to problem-based learning. For fuller details of the pedagogical underpinnings, see the Why Callido page.

Callido Global Perspectives FAQs – blended learning program, know more

“Callido’s resource has brought a common language for the schools’ teachers and students to interact and discuss the development of the skills and attitudes required.”
“Research is difficult work, but with the knowledge of the research process that I learnt here, I think it’s quite easy. There is more to learning than the textbooks!”
“Now that I have completed the course, I will analyze texts differently, be more aware of biases both concerning me and others in everyday life, and structure my arguments in a way that each follows logically from the previous one.”

We recommend that students use the resources for self-guided learning coupled with blended learning in the classroom. The resources focus on giving students the foundation of skills they need to navigate the GP&R curriculum successfully whilst giving educators the flexibility to use the resources in a manner which fits into their classroom.

Absolutely! Those resources are complimentary – do get in touch with us if you are considering purchasing as an educator.

Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.