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Global Perspectives & Research

A fun, interactive resource to help you develop the critical thinking, research and communication skills needed for GP&R. Cambridge has reviewed the material and issued the following statement:

Cambridge International Examinations has reviewed these Callido resources and believes that they are useful and relevant for teachers and learners studying Cambridge International AS & A Level Global Perspectives & Research (9239) for the development of critical thinking, research, communication and problem-solving skills in a contextualized and personalized manner.



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This gives access to an online learning platform which is pre-loaded with interactive modules on:
1. Critical thinking skills
2. Primary research skills
3. Secondary research skills
4. Written communication skills
5. Presentation skills
6. Reflection skills
7. Practical skills such as citations and referencing, time-management and good note-taking
8. Three global topics to explore – wildlife conservation, impact of the internet and artificial intelligence, with one scaffolded process of skill development and two as practice rounds
9. Consolidation sheets and visible thinking routines which can be downloaded and used repeatedly


What will I learn?

GP&R is a unique course because it doesn’t need you to learn facts or remember things, but instead, it tests your ability to think critically and conduct independent research. The interactive modules we have developed will help you in developing these skills and give you useful thinking routines which you can use for the GP&R assignments, exams and beyond.

Have other people found them useful?

Students love the fun and interactive nature of these resources, here is some of their feedback:

Research is difficult work, but with the knowledge of the research process that I learnt here, I think it’s quite easy. There is more to learning than the textbooks!

[Through this I realized that] communication is a big part of research, and without it, research will not be looked athighly – it’s an important skill and this resource helped me master it which is essentialto creating good reports!

I thought this was funny and interesting; I like this medium of learning.

Why develop these skills through Callido?

The GP&R resources have been vetted by Cambridge and found to be valuable for students taking the course.
Our resources offer many other advantages, such as (i) they are fun and engaging, you will learn a lot but it doesn’t feel like studying! (ii) complete flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want; (iii) learn at your own pace, re-wind and re-listen to explanations if unsure; (iv) no peer pressure, make mistakes comfortably and learn from them; and (v) personalized learning

Will I have to co-ordinate schedules with a teacher?

All of our content is pre-loaded and available for learning immediately – so no scheduling hassles. Just log in and get started.

Can I talk to other students on the program?

Absolutely! There is a worldwide community students using the resources, and our peer forums are a great place to get advice and make some new friends.

Can I get a trial before I sign up?

Sure, just click on the demos and you’ll get a good feel of what you’re signing up for.

How does this work once I sign up?

After your payment is complete, you will receive your login details within 24 hours. Just login using your credentials and get started. Our team is always at hand for any tech support you might need.

Got a question we’ve missed?

Just drop us a line , and we’ll write back as soon as we can.

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