Level Up for IB DP


Key skills for the DP – analytical thinking, independent research and writing assignments. Develop these through a fun and engaging real-world challenge. You can track your progress and get personalized feedback all through the program.


The DP is fast-paced and challenging, and many students feel overwhelmed by the number of assignments and deadlines. Designed by former IB students, this course makes you better prepared to think and learn in the DP way.Once you master this, all subjects in the DP will become easier.


These resources are not available for public consumption until the end of April. To get a pre-launch sneak peek, drop us a line.


"Coming soon - watch this space!"


What are skills?

Very often, two students have the same subject knowledge and study equally hard. However, one student does better than the other on their IB assignments and exams. That difference, is down to the student's skill level – the ability to use the subject knowledge correctly and write in a logical and structured manner.

How do I know whether I need to develop my skills?

That's simple – just take our quick test and look out for your results.

Can skills be taught?

Yes, absolutely. The best way for students to develop these skills is individual practice.

Why develop these skills through an online program?

Our resources offer many advantages compared to a regular classroom, such as (i) complete flexibility to learn whenever and wherever you want; (ii) learn at your own pace, re-wind and re-listen to explanations if unsure; (iii) no peer pressure, make mistakes comfortably and learn from them; and (iv) personalized data-based tracking of strengths and areas of improvement.

Shouldn't my school be developing these skills?

Yes, they should. But schools often get caught up with teaching you all the different subjects, leaving no time for these precious skills. Plus, every student is different, so a self-paced program like ours delivers personalized learning for every student. Indeed, many schools subscribe to our program for instilling these skills in their students.

Will I have to co-ordinate schedules with the teacher?

All of our content is pre-loaded and available for learning immediately – so no scheduling hassles. Just log in and get started.

Can I talk to other students on the program?

Absolutely! There is a worldwide community of IB students using the resources, and our peer forums are a great place to get advice and make some new friends.

Can I get a trial before I sign up?

Sure, just click on the demos and you'll get a good feel of what you're signing up for.

How does this work once I sign up?

After your payment is complete, you will receive your login details within 24 hours. Just login using your credentials and get started. Our team is always at hand for any tech support you might need.

Got a question we've missed?

Just drop us a line, and we’ll write back as soon as we can.