A great education is one that empowers today's students to thrive in the wildly unpredictable world they will face when they are no longer in school.

We are a group of young minds and experienced educationists who have a singular aim – equipping every student with the skills necessary to navigate the complex and rapidly changing world around them.

To this end, we create 21st century skills programs. Our resources are accessible to all, rooted in research and deliver impactful learning. We leverage technology and data to tailor the experience for every student. Our singular focus on learner outcomes leads to engaged classrooms and measurable growth in students' skill-sets.

Sriram has studied at some of the world's most illustrious institutions – DhirubhaiAmbani Int'l School, Brown University, Imperial College London and UCL. He has worked in US politics, transportation modelling and policy and with PwC UK as a tax advisor. Callido was born out of his recognition of the immense value of transferable skills for a generation which will hold multiple careers over their lifetime; much like his own fascinating journey.

Madhu completed the IB Diploma from DhirubhaiAmbani Int'l School and graduated with honours in Law and Business from Warwick University. She has extensive experience in the voluntary sector and has undertaken research in international law. A qualified solicitor in the UK, she practiced commercial law at Freshfields, London. She is passionate about enriching education with the rigor of thought and discernment required to navigate tomorrow's information-driven economy.

Chinmaya spent his formative years at Brown University, specializing in the study and modelling of complex systems. Since then he has been at the cutting edge of automotive research and is perhaps the youngest person to shape the transport policies of India. He has now turned to education to take on today's most pertinent challenge – bringing quality education to every student, irrespective of the barriers of time, space and resources.

A distinguished educationist with over 15 years' experience of teaching leading international curricula across continents, Padmini is at the cutting edge of pedagogy and is passionate about taking education to the next level. Her pedagogical insight, commitment to developing teacher capacity and global experience help make the Callido offering relevant and exceptional.

Umar Jaffar has been always been at the forefront of education – anticipating and leading the next wave. He has been involved in setting up some of the most prestigious schools in India, including DhirubhaiAmbani International School. He currently heads a pioneering school – one of the most affordable IB schools worldwide. Under his leadership and unwavering vision, Callido Learning has been growing from strength to strength

Dr. Fruzzetti has been a professor at Brown University for over 40 years. Her distinguished career spans academic research, teaching and mentoring young students to achieve success in college. She is also a Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence. She has authored several books and produced award-winning documentaries. She has a special interest in ensuring that international students are well integrated into university life.

We are fortunate to work with some of the most accomplished and brilliant teachers across all subjects in the CIE and IB curricula. All of our network teachers are examiners and professional development experts. Their classroom experience makes our resources uniquely tailored to the needs of today's learners and classrooms.