Broadly, we adhere to problem-based learning. For full details of the pedagogical underpinnings, see this

In a nutshell: more than any other platform out there. You can always see a student’s score and time taken per module, but more importantly, you can see how they answered every single question. This helps spot patterns across different modules (for example, does the student have difficulty with interpreting graphs in different modules? Is comprehension an issue across different contexts?). Thus, we can understand where the concerned student needs a leg-up.

You can also conduct the same analysis on a cohort-wide basis to get a bird’s eye view of your entire cohort’s strengths and gaps.

Absolutely! In addition to comprehensive training, we are very happy to support you with understanding and analyzing the data being captured. Our analytics team can generate insights to help you make the most of the data – without spending time studying it yourself.

The data can be exported in .csv format and imported into other platforms. We are also working on integration with a number of platforms, get in touch if you have a particular platform you’d like to check up on.

Yes it is – just tell us how many student groups you’d like and your admin accounts can be set up to see data for all students or just a chosen subset of your students.

Not at all. We work with institutions of all sizes and our pricing is tailored to reflect what’s most efficient for each institution.

Absolutely not. We are not a tutoring service. Our resources enable students to be independent and self-directed.

Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.